Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cutting Boards - Wooden Cutting Boards

It has occurred to me that for the last nine years I've been using a anti-bacterial cutting boards with a non porous surface instead of investing in a real wood cutting board. I've always thought that the cutting boards would warp. Well after being introduced to the John Boos & Co cutting board line I've changed my tune. Recently I obtained a 2 inch maple cutting board that is large enough to spread out the items for chopping. Following the instructions for preparation and clean up make this product one of the staples in the kitchen. You can visit any speciality kitchenware store or online. The products are made in the US and are durable beyond belief with the proper care. Additionally the knives do not dull as easily.
Check out for more information on their product. The investment is well worth it and will last you a lifetime. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clean the chemicals just natural items.

To sharpen blades, fill the disposal with Ice and 1 cup of vinegar. Run cold water and flip on the disposal.

To deodorize the disposal, take the lemon cut up and place in the sink. Flip on the cold water and turn on the disposal. Let the lemon (or lemon, grapefruit, orange) enter the disposal and continue running with the water until it clears. This should take care of any lingering smell in the disposal and helps freshen the drain. (Tip: Run this before an open house or party to freshen up the kitchen naturally)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tired of your hands smelling like garlic?

Instead of buying another "stainless soap" items simply wet your hands and rub against a stainless steel sink or spatula. Same idea can be used for other pungent food items that you handle.

Are you hooked on Le Creuset?

Several years ago I was given my first Le Creuset pot. Undeniably the best gift received and it continues to be one of my favorite items for cooking. The Le Creuset company makes several variations in color but of course the Red one started my collection. The enameled iron cookware is great for several reasons.

First off the weight of the product makes it feel like your cooking with something instead of just a light aluminum pan that doesn't hold up to the vigor of stirring the delicious meals. Second, the cookware has a great way of keeping heat without having to have the burner on High. The iron retains the heat and allows for constant temperatures. You will need to be careful since altering the temperature can take a while. Third, the braising ability is unbelievable. With a little bit of chicken stock or wine the bits on the bottom of the pan become part of the delicious sauce with the meal.

The Le Creuset cookware is not cheap by any means, but it is one of the staple items in your collection that will last a lifetime. There will be no reason to replace the item unless of course your caring for out incorrectly.

Few tips for caring for the cookware:
1. Let the item cool and do not wash right from the stove or oven.
2. Wash with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly.
3. Dry the cookware after washing and do not let set to air dry.
4. Never place in the dishwasher.

For further information on the cookware you may visit the Le Creuset website
The cookware is available at most speciality cookware stores and major department stores.