Friday, July 24, 2009

The Perfect Cheese Plate

When entertaining it’s always important to excite your guests’ appetite with a great starter. A cheese plate can be easy to put together and requires little prep time. Next time your inviting friends over for a glass of wine, remember these simple steps.

*Don’t go overboard. A selection of two or three good cheeses will work. *Pair the cheese with fresh fruit. Try Grapes, strawberries or raspberries

*Bread or crackers give substance. A great Italian loaf with good olive oil for dipping offers another level of flavor.

*Make it simple. A nice thick wooden cutting board is a great way to display the items. Arrange items going from height in the center and cascade out or sweep across the board like a wave. Don’ cut up the cheese but rather use a cheese knife and let the guest interact with the items.

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